Meet SAT Tutor - Leia LeMaster Horton

 Leia LeMaster Horton

Educator, 17 years

SAT Expert and SAT Coach

Even though I was an educator, I was nervous. When my oldest child was a junior in high school, I was very concerned about making sure we had done everything needed to make her college application as strong as possible. I’m so glad that I received the message to start early and make SAT prep a priority in high school. According to The Washington Post, “Can coaching truly boost SAT scores? For years, the College Board said no. Now it says yes.” SAT Coaching is no longer only for the elite looking to get into Ivy League schools. It is for everyone searching for the best financial aid packages. I help students raise their scores significantly and not only get into their dream school but also receive dream financial aid packages that make the dream become a reality. I love “aha” moments when students understand a concept, I’m a bit addicted to coffee and I really do like solving new SAT math problems just for fun! My favorite subjects to teach are Math, Latin and Speech & Debate which I have had the pleasure to be a part of for over eleven years. As a classical educator, I believe it is important to explain the “why” behind each answer and explain what skill is being tested on each question.ome an SAT Expert and win scholarships.


This six week workshop will cover:

  • Heavy Emphasis on the Math Sections
  • Shortcuts, Strategies and Must Know Formulas
  • Students walk away with RAW scores after Each and Every Class
  • Study Skills of Reading Comprehension
  • Study Skills of Writing & Language
  • How to Write a Student Resume
  • How to Win Scholarships
  • How to Set SAT Score Goals

In my SAT workshop, I only use College Board materials since they are the organization that writes the exam. And one thing I’ve learned for sure.. is that students that set SAT score goals and achieve them gain a confidence in themselves that they can conquer anything in life that comes their way.

So let me ask you…are you feeling the same anxiety that I was? Don’t worry, I can help! Fortunately, my story has a good ending and yours can too. My children not only got into their dream schools, but also won over $252,000 worth of college and merit based private scholarships that made college affordable. 

Remember… with experience, comes confidence!  

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